Responsible for:

  • reviewing the structure, size, skills and experience of the Board and making recommendations regarding any changes;
  • considering succession planning for Directors and other senior executives; and
  • making recommendations to the Board for candidates to fill Board vacancies when they arise, normally using the services of¬†professional consultants in the search.

Key Focus

Appointment of new Group Chairman

Recommended and approved changes to the Board on completion of the Merger.
Reviewing succession plans for the consolidated Board to ensure the Board can operate effectively and add value to the Group.


  • Avril Palmer-Baunack1 Committee Chair
  • Bill Spencer2
  • Claire Miles2
  • Jill Caseberry3
  • John Pattullo
  • John Davies4
  • Steve Oakley4

1. Appointed to the Board 12 August 2019, 2. Left the Board on 20 March, 3. Left the Board on 24
September 2020, 4. Appointed to the Board 21 February 2020.