RNS Number:8048F
Helphire Group PLC
16 October 2007

October 16th 2007

Helphire Group, plc

Six Monthly Return Block Listing Return

Name of applicant:                                        Helphire Group plc

Name of scheme:                                           Helphire Group Executive Share Option Scheme ("Sch1") and
                                                          the Helphire Group Unapproved Executive Share Option
                                                          Scheme ("Sch2") and the 2002 Executive Share Option Scheme
                                                          (parts one ("Sch3") and two ("Sch4")) Helphire Group Share
                                                          Save Scheme ("Sch5")

Period of return:                          From:          1 April 2007           To:       30 September 2007

Balance under scheme from previous return:                Sch1  256,700

                                                          Sch2   37,000

                                                          Sch3   460,466

                                                          Sch4    3,070,053

                                                          Sch5   19,053

                                                          In all cases, Ordinary ?0.05 shares

The amount by which the block scheme has been increased,  Sch1  Nil - all schemes
if the scheme has been increased since the date of the
last return:

Number of securities issued/allotted under scheme during  Sch1   8,200S
                                                          Sch2   Nil

                                                          Sch3   13,650

                                                          Sch4    Nil

                                                          Sch5   1,055

Balance under scheme not yet issued/allotted at end of    Sch1  248,500
                                                          Sch2   37,000

                                                          Sch3   446,816

                                                          Sch4    3,070,053

                                                          Sch5   17,998

Number and class of securities originally listed and the  The following Ordinary 0.05p were admitted to trading:
date of admission
                                                          900,000 October 2003;

                                                          800,000 August 2004;

                                                          2,881,000 November 2005;

                                                          2,890,000 November 2006

Total number of securities in issue at the end of the     138,229,789

Name of contact:                                          Nicholas Tilley
Address of contact:                                       Helphire Group plc
                                                          Lower Bristol Road
                                                          BA2 3DP
Telephone number of contact:                              01225 321218

SIGNED BY                            Nick Tilley

Date                                 16 October 2007

POSITION:                            Company Secretary

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