Northgate Vehicle Hire is teaming up with road safety charity, Brake, to help raise awareness of the importance of driving safely in the area this Road Safety Week, 19th - 25th November, with the use of their road safety mascot Bright Van Man.

The market leader in flexible vehicle hire and complete fleet solutions is encouraging its managers and employees to promote this road safety message to the local community.

Bright Van Man will this year encourage drivers to reduce their speed with his "No Need to Speed!" campaign. Through the dedicated Bright Van Man webpage on the Northgate Vehicle Hire website and page on the Northgate intranet, the road safety mascot communicates five top tips and facts to drivers:

  1. Speed Kills: Slower speeds save lives - a pedestrian hit at 20mph has a 95% chance of survival. At 40mph there's an 80% chance they'll die.
  2. Keep Your Distance: The higher the speed the greater the stopping distance. A car travelling at 30mph has a stopping distance of 23 metres (six car lengths). This increases to 96 metres (24 car lengths) at 70mph.
  3. Road Conditions: The national speed limit is not a target! Think about the road conditions. Fog, rain, ice and traffic flow should all influence your speed.
  4. Vulnerable Road Users: Be aware of vulnerable road users such as cyclists, joggers and horse riders.
  5. Rural Driving: Take care on rural roads - fatal accidents are four times as likely on rural roads than urban roads.

Colin Gilstin, Group Safety & Environment Manager at Northgate Vehicle Hire, commented:

"Road Safety Week is a great opportunity each year for Northgate to raise awareness of the dangers that are exposed to us in our everyday lives. Speeding is a preventable action, we encourage all to take into consideration the risks involved when they put themselves behind a wheel."

Northgate has also compiled a Driver's Guide covering speed safety and other key road safety topics including drink and drug driving, mobile phone use and driver fatigue. The Driver's Guide and a Bright Van Man poster can be downloaded from the dedicated Bright Van Man webpage.