A new website for commercial sale of used vehicles has been launched by Northgate, hosting online auctions and displaying all of their available stock. The first auction will begin on Tuesday April 17. 

Already operating as Northgate- Trade, the arm of Northgate which sells used vehicles which have reached the end of their rental life, it is directed exclusively to commercial sales of used vehicles with a stock of over 2,500 vehicles.  A full range of vehicles is sold with a specialisation in commercial and off-road vehicles.

The new website (Northgate-Trade.es) is a business to business operation with two main sections, one showing all available vehicles in stock in the six major sales sites (located in Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza) and a second section offering an online auction of vehicles.  Online auctions will take place at least once a week with an average of fifty vehicles sold in each auction. The first one will begin next Tuesday, April 17, it will last for two days, with bids closing on Thursday 19th at 12pm.