Northgate Vehicle Hire, market leader in flexible vehicle hire and complete fleet solutions, has partnered with 4Fleet, the UK fleet service from Goodyear Dunlop, in a three-year contract that demonstrates the vehicle hire company's commitment to fleet safety.

The partnership will see Northgate fit its 52,000 UK and Ireland based fleet of vehicles on "premium only" tyres. The partnership also includes round the clock support for 365 days a year, alongside transparent real-time tracking through 4Fleet's FleetOnlineSolutions system.
Northgate's commitment to its tyre policy is such that it has adopted the Dunlop Econodrive product. This premium product will provide Northgate customers with increased tyre safety, fuel efficiency and product mileage, which in turn will help to reduce cost for Northgate customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Mike Willink, Northgate's Supply Chain and Business Development Director, commented:
"Operating a fleet the size of Northgate's means the need for both operational and economic efficiencies is always paramount, as is our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible service. We took the decision to move to a "premium only" tyre policy for a number of reasons, but notably because it will deliver benefits to both Northgate and our customers through improved wear, fuel efficiency and safety and environmental qualities."

Mike continued, "We were also particularly impressed with the level of innovation that the Dunlop Econodrive offered and we are confident that our partnership with Goodyear Dunlop's 4Fleet team will provide our customers with a heightened premium service, with very clear benefits from both a safety and cost saving perspective."

Kerry Watts, Consumer Fleet Business Manager at Goodyear Dunlop UK & Ireland, added:
"We have enjoyed a relationship with Northgate that stretches back over 12 years. However, the re-launch of our comprehensive 4Fleet service a year ago enabled us to offer Northgate a truly market leading service. We're confident that Northgate and its customers will enjoy impressive mileage and fuel efficiency from this product."